• Description of Business

    Description of Business

    MISUMI Group’s business operations comprise: FA Business, which mainly handle standardized components for automation equipment used in factory automation; Die Components Business, which mainly handle die and mold parts used to manufacture automobiles and electrical/ electronic devices: and the VONA Business, which sells third-party products alongside MISUMI brand products under a new distribution business model. Products sold under the VONA Business include components for production facilities related equipment, production auxiliary materials and MROs (consumables)

    Major Products Handled by the MISUMI Group

    Major Products Handled by the MISUMI GroupMajor Products Handled by the MISUMI Group
    *FA:Factory Automation *OST:Optical & Scientific Technology
    *VONA:Variation & One-stop by New Alliance

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    EC website for FA/ Die components, Tools/ MROs etc. Including MISUMI, the number of domestic and overseas manufacturers handled, surpass 3000 companies. Free shipment from even one item order, by way of reliable quick delivery.

    E-Commerce website of each respective Sales Area