• MISUMI Group’s
    Corporate Mission

    MISUMI Group’s Corporate Mission

    To provide highly original products and services sought by customers that are “high Quality, low Cost, and quick delivery Times”; as "QCT Innovator”, we will make further advancement to MISUMI’s (business) model and strategic management, supporting the global manufacturing industry from behind-the-scenes

    Four (4) MISUMI Concepts- For Achieving the Corporate Mission -

    MISUMI Business Concept
    Model Excellence

    “Supporting the global manufacturing industry from behind-the-scenes”

    “One-by-one production
    by way of reliable and quick delivery”

    MISUMI Business Concept
    Operational Excellence

    “It is all about TIME”

    MISUMI Strategy Concept
    Strategic Excellence

    “MISUMI QCT Model”

    MISUMI Organizational Concept
    Leadership Excellence

    “Engaged Employees”

    “Strategic Management Alignment”


    EC website for FA/ Die components, Tools/ MROs etc. Including MISUMI, the number of domestic and overseas manufacturers handled, surpass 3000 companies. Free shipment from even one item order, by way of reliable quick delivery.

    E-Commerce website of each respective Sales Area