• Manufacturing Support Activities

    Manufacturing Support Activities

    MISUMI Group is engaged in various manufacturing support activities, including support for students who will take on the next generation of manufacturing.

    Sponsoring of the Biped Robot Battle Tournament (aka “ROBO-ONE”)

    MISUMI Group has been sponsoring “ROBO-ONE”, since FY2016 as the main sponsor, organized by the Biped Robot Association, in order to support the passion of people involved in manufacturing, such as engineering students and corporate engineers.
    At the tournament, ‘MISUMI Award’ is presented to robots that captivated spectators with their prominent design and dynamic movements.

    Scene from ROBO-ONE competition
    Scene from ROBO-ONE competition

    Overview of the Biped Robot Battle Tournament (aka ROBO-ONE)

    ROBO-ONE (organized by the Biped Robot Association) is a biped robot battle tournament that has been held since 2002. The objective of the tournament is to improve manufacturing technologies and popularizing biped robots. Wide range of people from students to professional engineers are entering the tournament.

    The robots throw punches and employs throwing techniques to defeat their opponents. Each contestant competes in a three-minute round to determine the strongest biped robot. The first contestant to score three knockdowns wins the match.

    “MISUMI presents 38th ROBO-ONE” was held as a remote tournament for the first time between February 27-28, 2021 (broadcasted via Twitch*).Unlike the conventional tournament format where robots battled against each other, special rules were set in place unique to this remote competition, attacking ‘dummy’ robots, scoring points according to the difficulty of the attack; outcome determined by the number of points earned.

    From all around the world including Japan, a total of 85 robots (ROBO-ONE: 36, Light: 49) participated and heated matches ensued.

    * Live streaming broadcast platform provided by Amazon.com

    Scene from ROBO-ONE competition

    Scene from the ROBO-ONE competition

    Manufacturing Support for Student Groups

    In the “MISUMI Student Manufacturing Support” initiative, open invitation applications are accepted from a wide range of student groups that take on challenges in manufacturing at universities, technical colleges, etc. providing MISUMI products free of charge.
    Support to more than 2,000 student groups have been provided since the program began in FY2008.

    From FY2018, we are also supporting the activities of “SAKURA Tempesta”, a junior and senior high school team participating in the international “FIRST? Robotics Competition (FRC)”. This team not only managed to acquire the right to participate in a world championship for three consecutive years but is also active on the principle of providing many junior and senior high school students, especially women, with the opportunity to learn to engineer and jointly conveying the appeal of manufacturing.

    Partial Introduction of Groups Supported in FY2020

    Kyushu Institute of Technology BC-ROBOP

    MISUMI Student Manufacturing Support
    (FY2020: 130 groups in total)

    Team name:Osaka Prefecture University SSSRC

    Comment from a student
    Students play a central role in developing spacecraft such as micro-artificial satellites, empty can-sized simulated satellites, and micro-rockets. Many of MISUMI's products are of high quality that meets JAXA's requirements, and with this support, we received screw parts used for actual satellites and tools such as screwdrivers. In the future, I’d like to continue to utilize MISUMI's products and develop activities to spread the appeal of spacecraft development through manufacturing such as artificial satellites and rocket development.

    Tohoku University FROM THE EARTH

    Summer Vacation Manufacturing Class

    SAKURA Tempesta

    Junior/ Highschool team
    SAKURA Tempesta

    Activities to convey the appeal of manufacturing

    Summer vacation manufacturing class

    In August 2019, "MISUMI x SAKURA Tempesta Summer Vacation Manufacturing Class" for junior and senior high school students was held in order to foster manufacturing human resources. Participants endeavored in assembling machines and games using MISUMI’s full-fledged components. After the event, many students said that they became “interested in engineering” and experienced the enjoyment of manufacturing.

    Exhibiting MISUMI Art Collection

    Exhibit at Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

    MISUMI Group has loaned works from the MISUMI Art Collection 22 times under special arrangements with museums holding contemporary American art exhibitions. The MISUMI Art Collection focuses on contemporary American art and is corporate art with high acclaim for its uniqueness and foresightedness. Proponents of American contemporary art aimed to achieve independence from European influences to freely pursue the potential of art. That spirit coincides with MISUMI Group’s corporate attitude of perpetually pursuing innovation. Going forward, we plan to circulate artworks on loan in response to exhibition requests from museums in other areas as well.
    ※Picture: Exhibit scene at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (2002)


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