• Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy

    MISUMI Group Inc. (the "Company") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information, particularly in an advanced information and communications systems-based society. With respect to the personal information of our customers and other parties that is used by the Company for business purposes, we observe Japanese laws and regulations, as well as other standards, related to the protection of personal information. The Company protects personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy stated below.

    The Company will employ appropriate measures pursuant to the law in order to protect personal information and work to ensure that the individuals to whom the information belongs do not incur disadvantage. In this regard, we declare the following.

    • 1.
      The Company will establish the MISUMI Group Inc. Privacy Rules in order to enact appropriate measures to protect personal information, and will work to protect the rights and interests of customers when collecting, storing, using, or disclosing ("handling") their personal information.
    • 2.
      The Company will employ appropriate safeguards when handling the personal information of customers and will notify and train employees regarding these safeguards and direct employees to observe them.
    • 3.
      In the same manner, the Company will request partner companies to handle personal information appropriately and direct such companies to observe the safeguards.
    • 4.
      The Company will designate a manager for protecting personal information and will clarify accountability for it.
    • 5.
      The Company will not provide personal information to any third party without obtaining the prior permission of the customers involved. However, the following cases are excepted.
      • 1.
        When stipulated by laws or regulations
      • 2.
        When protecting human life, or in an equivalent emergency, and obtaining the permission of the customer is difficult
    • 6.
      The Company will respond quickly and in good faith when requested by a customer to disclose, revise, delete, or suspend use of the customer's personal information.
    • 7.
      The Company will observe Japanese laws, regulations, and standards related to the protection of personal information.
    • 8.
      The Company will continue to review and improve this privacy policy.

    April 2008


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